Tropigas Exchange is a corporation affiliated with Tropigas de Puerto Rico, Inc. that specializes in the exchange and filling of propane cylinders. We have 40 years of experience in the island’s propane industry.

Due to the increase in costs of electricity services, propane gas has become a real and efficient solution for Puerto Rican families seeking to save on their energy costs.

In addition, propane gas is a safe and eco-friendly product.


• 80% of families in Puerto Rico have a gas grill (BBQ) and over 600,000 households use propane gas in other household items.

• Homes that have a gas grill consume approximately 3.5 cylinders of 20 pounds per year.

• Sales of cylinders of 20lbs. in P.R. They surpass 65,000 units per month.

Sales Program

Exchange of Cylinders
Suggested price: $20.99

New Tank with Gas
Suggested price: $52.99

Prices may vary.

Our Advantage

• We guarantee 20 lbs. of propane gas in each cylinder.

• We comply with all federal laws and regulations for distribution, handling and sales of propane gas in Puerto Rico.

• We collect all types of propane gas tanks that comply with our standards and regulations.

Business Opportunity

• 0 Investment (“cages” and cylinders are installed based on consignment)

• Immediate money

• The “cages” are owned by Tropigas Exchange.
> Permits required by regulatory agencies as well as insurance are provided by Tropigas Exchange.

Service and Excelency

• Our computerized systems and fleet of delivery trucks allow us to know the inventory in real time.

• We have distribution centers throughout the Island to guarantee that we can always meet the demand of our customers.

Obligations of the Client

• Clients must buy all Tropigas Exchange cylinders. Clients must not re-fill the inventory of the cages or cylinders with any other company.

• The customer must not alter the cylinders, their seals and certification labels.

• In case of emergency, it is the responsibility of the Clients to immediately notify the local agencies of the administrative offices and the emergency telephone number of the company.

• Ensure that the cylinders purchased for exchange comply with the Tropigas Exchange standards.

• Provide security and surveillance to the tank area.

• Once delivered the customer is responsible for any loss, or theft.

Tropigas Exchange